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Q. If I'm a new troop, how do I get registrations?
Contact the Service Unit Registrar or your Level Organizer and you will be provided with a new troop registration packet. It will include blank girl forms, blank adult forms, and blank dues summaries.

Q. Once I have forms, what steps do I need to take to register or re-register my troop?
Hold a parents meeting or reserve the first 10 minutes of one of your regular meetings to have parents fill in registration forms.
Have the parents fill out the forms for both themselves and the girls and pay $12 for each registration to the troop.
Check over the forms to make sure that they have filled in all information. Deposit all the money into your troop account and wait for any checks to clear. Write a troop check to GSCSNJ. Submit all registrations and a completed dues summary to the Service Unit Registrar.

Q. Why should I have parents fill in registrations at my meeting? Why can't I just send the forms home with them?
A. Filling out a registration form takes less than 5 minutes, and it insures that the girl (and parent) are registered.

Q. I have most of my girls forms, but I'm waiting on two more before I hand them in. Is that ok?
A. No, you should hand in whatever forms you have as soon as you possibly can. It is never a good idea to hold up your whole troop for one or two registrations.

Q. What if the parent does not have the money at the time the registration is filled out?
Still have them fill out the form and return it to you. If you are an existing troop, submit the form with the rest of them and use troop funds if available to cover the registration fee and follow up with the parent later.

Q. What if they can't afford to pay for registration?
Contact Council to apply for Council Cares assistance.

Q. How do I get blank forms?
Forms are available under FORMS, from the registrar, or at the East Brunswick Service Center. You can also get blank forms at Leaders' Meetings. If you need a large number of blanks, please contact the Service Unit Registrar.

Q. The dues summary is confusing, how should I fill it in?
Common mistakes and questions on dues summaries are as follows:

  • Council Code is 131.

  • Troop Number is your full troop number, starting with 7####.

  • ALWAYS check the "Reregistering" circle. This pertains you're your troop number and its life within the Service Unit, NOT the girls you are registering.

  • Report Code is 727.

  • Registration Area should be "EWAGS".

  • Meeting Day and location: Please fill in COMPLETELY. Do not use abbreviations for locations, we may know that WCB means Walter C. Black but GSCSNJ has no idea what that means. If meeting in a school, please specify the room you are using.

  • Please include your name, phone number, and email in gray box.

  • Q. What do I do with my registrations once they are complete?
    Be sure you have a completed dues summary and hand it in to the Service Unit Registrar.

    Q. Can't I just bring my registrations to Council?
    No, never bring registrations directly to Council. Always submit them to the Service Unit Registrar.
    Q. I was given pre-printed forms to re-register my troop, but I lost one. Can I get a new one?
    No. You will have to use a blank form.

    Q. Why did I receive a package of blank forms to re-register my troop when everyone else got pre-printed forms?
    If your troop was registered on time (Prior to October 1) you will receive pre-printed forms. If you registered your troop late, you may not receive pre-printed forms because your registrations were not processed in time.

    Q. What do I do with pre-printed registrations for girls who are not returning to my troop?
    Please write "NOT RETURNING" and the reason they are not returning (if known) on the form and return it to the registrar with the rest of your troop's registrations.

    Have a question that's not covered here? Use the SU Contact Form to contact the appropriate Service Team Member.

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