EWAGS Patches & Rockers
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  • The EWAGS patch and rockers represent EWAGS Service Unit activities only.
    (Click here to view the EWAGS Patch)

  • The round EWAGS patch is worn on the back of the vest, sash or smock. This patch costs $2 each.

  • The smaller patches that surround the larger EWAGS patch are rockers. They cost $ .45 each.

  • Recurring service unit activities that have rockers are the;
  • Rockers for other service unit events that occur during the year are also available. These events often have a fee which includes the girls receiving a rocker. These rockers are often handed out at the event. These events may include Silver or Gold Award workshops run by an EWAGS troop or individual, International Day, Teddy Bear Picnic, etc.

  • The EWAGS patches and rockers are not available from Council or Juliette's Closet.

How to purchase or order patches and rockers:
  • Contact Michelina Thornton. Michelina's phone number and address can be found in the EWAGS Roster.

  • You may order or buy them at the Leaders' Meetings, at service unit events, or by contacting Michelina to make arrangements.

  • Michelina also has the catalog if you would like to browse it prior to ordering.

  • Please allow 2 weeks for patches and rockers to be ordered and delivered.

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