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Work in Progress
  • Add SU Team Options to Troop Profile for email distribution.
  • Bug Fix - News doesn't work on Calendar
  • Admin Features
    • Edit User Profiles
    • Send SU Mails (uses Troop Profiles)
Completed Tasks:

July 3 -
  • Added Religious Awards Brochure to Misc. Downloads
July 2 -
  • Added Asian American Rocker Program for Festival of People Patch
  • Added Girls' Health Form PDF to Forms page.
  • Revised text in Registration Welcome email
  • Fixed vanishing Trip Planner information
June 15 -
  • Added Middle Eastern American Rocker Program for Festival of People Patch
June 9 -
  • Fixed bug with Join Now form
  • Added META tags and titles to site for Search Engine Optimization
March 22 -
  • Added Instructions to Calendar
  • Added Technical Contact Form
  • Added Privacy Policy
  • Added Terms & Conditions
  • Added Troops page
  • Fixed Calendar Search
  • Updated Home News items
  • Made dynamic frameset for Council News
  • Added Footer w/dynamic Copyright Date
  • Added Dynamic Update for Roster
March 19 -
  • Updated Calendar, fixed some small bugs
March 18 -
  • Added News Archive Link
  • Completed Join Now form
  • Misc Downloads
March 17 -
  • Added new home and subpage images
March 16 -
  • Photo Shoot
March 12 -
  • Added Play - A Magical Tool Leaders' Manual to Programs
March 10 -
  • Added ability to sort badges by level.
  • Broke Out Junior/Cadette Sports Awards
March 9 -
  • Added following program dowloads:
    • Poison Prevention
    • Crime Prevention
    • SPACES
    • Everybody's Perfect IPP
March 4 -
  • Show News - Shows the four newest approved news articles on home and subpages.
March 3 -
  • Added following scans to patch page:
    • Night Watcher IPP
    • Everybody's Perfect IPP
    • Junior Colonist Badge
    • In the Pink
    • Bowling Try-It
    • Bowling Badge
    • Bowling IPP
    • Lighthouse Try-It
    • Lighthouse Badge
    • Lighthouse IPP
  • Added following program dowloads:
    • Night Watcher IPP
    • In the Pink
    • Bowling Try-It
    • Bowling Badge
    • Bowling IPP
  • Added level downloads for Super Troop
  • Scanned in several new documents from Council - need OCR still
Feb 26th -
  • Put admin email and url in global variable
  • Admin Features
    • Search Current Users
    • Activate / Deactivate Users
    • List Trips - Deactivate, Activate, Edit & Delete from admin.
    • List News Items - Deactivate, Activate, Edit & Delete from admin.
  • Added ability for author to change submission (Troops & News)
  • Bug Fix - Lifetime GSIDs in Registration
  • News Approval - Email link to admin, shows all information on news article, click for approval.
  • Restricted Accounts - Create Level of user that can access restricted pages but does not have access to the admins.
  • Restricted Pages - Put code in an include, update for restricted accounts.

Feb. 25th -
  • Added functionality to remove troops from troop listing
  • Added admin feature to Trip Planner (Admin sees who posted trip, includes email link)
  • News Admin - Add admin to create mini news article, including blurb, title, story and photo.
  • Incorporated new news admin function into rightnav. Renamed EWAGS NEWS -> News Briefs.

Feb. 24th -
  • Calendar Functionality completed.

Feb. 23rd -
  • Added Ratings/Comments to Trip details pages. EWAGS Leaders who are logged in can rate trips, ratings are viewable by the public.
  • Fixed layout problem caused by IE box model bug in CSS.
  • Added functionality that sends you back to the page you were looking at when you logged in, rather than back to the home page.
  • Looked into problems with IE 5.2 in OSX. - Most OSX users will be using Safari, so it's a low priority for now.
  • Cleaned out some old files from the join directory.
  • Made titles dynamic for Registration and Add/Edit a Trip

Feb 20th -
  • Cleaned up forms for Add a Trip
  • Added link to edit trip for admin users only
  • Completed Edit a Trip functionality
  • Added "Type of Trip" field for future filtering.
  • Combined Registration and User Update forms into one script.
  • Updated error reporting on Registration/Profile form.
  • Completed Contact Us Functionality
  • Added deny user functionality to New User Email.

Feb 19th -
  • Add Troops functionality added
  • Add/Edit combined into one script
  • Beefed op welcome page and new user email
Feb 18th -
  • Created Patch Program Page
  • Dynamic Patch Zoom page
  • Festival of People Pop-Up
  • Finished African American PDF file
  • Created Roster Page
  • Uploaded latest Roster with encryption
  • Creaded Update User Profile Script
  • Created User Navigation Area

Feb 17th -
  • Created Forgot Password functionality

Feb 13th -
  • Created New User Registration
  • New User registration email functionality implemented

Feb 8th -
  • Added Dynamic Trip listing, ability to add a trip.

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